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15 Jul 2014

Fatboy Waynecooler

The only proposal you hope to make as many times as possible is a toast. A toast to long life, love, good health, or to nothing in particular: every toast needs a little help from your perfectly chilled choice of poison. Rosé, Prosecco, Champaign, Lemonade or any other bottled boozy fluid stays cool without a sweat in the Waynecooler. So let's raise glasses: here's to a wonderfuller life!

Keeping it cool on the hottest of days, Waynecooler makes sure you have an ice-cold drink within easy reach. Waynecooler is a welcome addition to your garden, sundeck or balcony on warm summer evenings. Take the Waynecooler with you and suspend it from any handy hook with the aid of its practical ring. Fatboy’s Waynecooler is available in a number of cheeky bright colours and its thermal layer in the stuffing means that it will keep your favourite drinks hot in winter just as well as cool in summer.
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