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Anar a fer el vermut (Going for a vermouth) is more than just an expression. It’s like the anar de tapes that chef Ferran Adrià defines as a way of life
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A new and unique vermouth for the true connoisseurs and all those who can appreciate the very best of what Mediterranean Barcelona has to offer. Vermouth was born as a digestive medicine in Ancient Greece and is today the first step to a Mediterranean lifestyle. The culture of vermouth in Catalonia has passed from grandparents to grandchildren, from a classic family drink to a new fashion aperitif. Anar a fer el vermut (Going for a vermouth) is more than just an expression. It’s like the anar de tapes that chef Ferran Adrià defines as a way of life.

To craft our Mediterranean vermouth we use only old vine white Grenache grapes from the most southern Catalan wine region Terra Alta (High Land) where a dry wind from the river Ebro valley, known as Mestral and clayey soil, with a good lime content make up for the perfect circumstances to grow grenache blanc. Here we have more then 60% of the global production of this wonderful grape variety on vines born a century ago and twisted by age.

Our alcohol to fortify the white wine is hand distilled from selected wine lees from the native Priorat varieties Cariñena and Garnatxa in an Arnold Holstein copper still. Then we macerate a range of traditional vermouth botanicals such as cloves, angelica, cinnamon and wormwood in a mixture of pure natural water and the spirit extraction from the wine lees at room temperature for some weeks. But most importantly we distil local thriving Priorat mountain botanicals such as juniper berries, rosemary, elderflower and especially orange peel.

Aperitif time has always been sacred in Barcelona and Vermouth is today the most popular aperitif in town. Barcelona has many authentic vermuterias where the soda siphon and tapas are almost a religion.

Limited artisan vermouth handcrafted from Terra Alta old vine white Grenache grapes and Mediterranean botanicals fortified with an ‘eau-de-vie’ distilled from Priorato red Grenache and Carignan grapes. Dry and complex, with flavours of bergamot, elderflower, wild herbs and an outstanding touch of orange zest bitters.

Your favourite apero for a refreshing spritz with soda or simply neat on the rocks, a lime twist and green olive, this is also a fantastic vermouth to add extra depth and complexity to a dry martini or Negroni cocktail mixed with BCN GIN.

Bottle Size 500 ml
Alcohol % VOL 17,50
Acidity g/l
Sugar g/l
Barrel maturation
Allergens contains Sulphites
Distributor Invisus Wines, Eupener Str. 29, 40549 Düsseldorf