Spice Route

Charles had bought the farm Klein Amoskuil, and this Malmesbury based farm is now home to Spice Route’s Swartland terroir styled wines. The Spice Route Winery has found its signature wine style in the warm rolling hills along the Cape West Coast. Matching traditional practices in the vineyards with modern, minimalist approaches in the cellar, they produce exceptionally ripe and deep-flavoured wines.
The deep red soils sustain unirrigated bush vine through the long warm summers. These harsh conditions are tempered by cool Atlantic breezes rolling in overnight. In its few years since inception had a stratospheric climb into the top echelons of the South African wine industry.

The Swartland area has emerged as one of the leading and most expressive wine producing regions in the Western Cape. Ever since Charles Back initiated the exploration of the region for quality wine production, many leading wineries have looked to the area and talented winemakers are learning more about the region’s terroir each vintage with exciting results. Deep ferric and composite soils allow for dryland viticulture and the untrellised bushvines produce grapes of intense concentration and in turn complex, rich flavoured wines. The cooling Atlantic breezes lend natures hand in the vineyard, helping to sustain the low-yielding vines through the hot warm dry summers, and cool wet winters.

The Swartland presents so many new opportunities and we are discovering new pockets of soil each vintage Charles Back
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