The Zonin Family

The Zonin Family

ZONIN, Next Generation

With its close ties to the land for the past seven generations, the Zonin family heads the largest private vine growing and winemaking company in Italy (and one of the most important in Europe as well).

The new generation of Zonins has already taken its place next to President Gianni Zonin, bringing with it a wave of youthful dynamism and also experience gained on other continents.

Vintners since 1821

The company's heart is located in Gambellara, in the province of Vicenza, an oasis of verdant hills and well-ordered vineyards. Gambellara is the ancestral home of the Zonin family. It has been famous for viticulture since the 1300s, as testifies by Pier de'Crescenzi in his Trattato d'Agricultura (treatise on Agriculture).

This history that has manifested itself in the vicissitudes, the hard work and the inspired decisions of a family whose name is inextricably linked to passion for the land, its vines and wine.

In the historic headquarters of the Company, the Zonins began to produce wines on a small scale in the early 1800s. In the next century, "Commendatore" Domenico Zonin would initiate an aggressive marketing strategy. This dynamic man, born in 1899, lived to the venerable age of 101, technically spanning three centuries. His youthful spirit bore witness to dramatic transformations of a way of life that evolved into modern present day in which a seventh generation of the family runs the firm.

Today the Zonins honor their family's historical passion for the vineyard, the sine qua non for producing high-quality wines, by including "Vintners since 1821" on their logo.

Zonin's current president Gianni Zonin, who is a “ Cavaliere del Lavoro” or the British equivalent of a knight.

Thanks to his knowledge of consumer taste trends that have kept one step ahead of the market, the company has attained worldwide recognition. No longer is it a small provincial business in the Veneto region. Its activities now range throughout Italy, from Piedmont to Tuscany and from Friuli to Sicily.

The wooden wine press, located at the entrance hall of the Zonin's headquarters in Gambellara, dates back to the beginning of the 19th century. In fact, the construction of wine presses, the way they work, and the system they use for pressing the grapes have essentially remained unchanged since early Roman times.

Profile of a Leader: Gianni Zonin

In 1960s, Gianni Zonin became President of the company. He was only 29 years old; however, his uncle Domenico sensed Gianni’s managerial capabilities and asked him to join the company.

Gianni immediately demonstrated his business acumen. He recognized the importance of exercising control over the whole production process. Owning one’s vineyards and vinifying one’s grapes was necessarily to guarantee the quality of one’s wines and the credibility of one’s brand.

During that time, Gianni traveled internationally to learn the art of the major winemakers. He visited Ernest Gallo in the USA in the ‘60s. He sought out well-suited terroir in the world such as Australia to cultivate its vineyards and offer superb quality wines.

Top-quality Vineyards and Production Zones

Today Gianni Zonin’s vision is making Italy’s most important wines from his own grapes.

He launched the project that would lead to his creating the largest private vineyard holding in Italy.

In doing so he was driven by a basic mission: to underscore each estate’s relationship with the historical, cultural and human patrimony of its particular area.